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2017 Prophetic Words

  • 1. The Lord said to say to you that the siege is over; and because the siege is over, you are singing a new song. 2 Kings 6.  
  • Siege: (an impassable/ impregnable barrier set by the enemy to hinder your movement, progress and prosperity to the end that there might be frustration, fear, famine and destruction).
    • 2. The Lord spoke to me very clearly, and He said I will raise millionaires and billionaires in the Body of Christ in the year 2017. However, it is only those who have set their affection to see My kingdom prosper that I will raise in wealth and prosperity.
    • 3. 2017 is a year of seeking the Lord wholeheartedly because it’s a year when God shall reveal a lot of kingdom secrets to His children (Psalms 25:14) Secret: An understanding, a skill, a strategy or a key of productivity, of increase, of success, of prosperity that is only known to an exclusive or esoteric party or group.
    • 4. My children will begin to walk in the spirit dimensions of the virtues that they have always known in their minds and they have learnt by doctrine.
    • 5. For GLT, our 10th year anniversary (GGC 2017) is a defining moment for us and it’s a new beginning for GLT. It’s going to blow the minds of people; it’s going to amaze everyone. It will cause a shift in Nigeria and in the globe generally because this is the set time.
    • 1. We need to pray against unrest that has a political undertone but is rooted in religious differences in Nigeria. The Lord said however, as we pray unto Him and seek His face concerning Nigeria, He says He will give us rest (round about) and take charge of the trend of events in this country.
    • 2. The famine and recession in Nigeria shall be replaced with an era of prosperity and technological advancement and African civilization.
    • 3. Nigeria belongs to those who can see into her future. There are things I need to tell you about Nigeria in your closet, so go there, you will hear God there. And He says and I will cause you to prosper by these things I reveal to you and I shall bring you to the place of rest.
    • 4. There is a conspiracy that is going on right now, it is not known to people yet but the Lord revealed it, it’s a conspiracy in a demonic idea to make Nigeria a country of one religion. He says but I have thwarted it. He says it will not stand for I have heard the cries of mine anointed as touching this matter.
    • 1. Things will become very fast in terms of change and transformation in Africa with respect to her economy and social transformation. Things will become very fast and in no time, you’ll see some cultures will be eroded. Things are fast changing in Africa, it will be faster than we expect in the year 2017.
    • 2. Africa shall rise from the dust of obscurity into the light of prominence and the year 2017 is the beginning of this strategic and structural change in Africa’s economy, socio-political structure and technological advancement. In 2017, we will see that unveiled faster than we think.
    • 3. The Lord spoke concerning Africa, He said the wind of my light (Revelation) and mercy is blowing over Africa and God has remembered Africa for good.
    • - A lot of changes will take place, starting from 2017 in Africa; a lot of good things will begin to happen in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    • - Nigeria is going to play a very strategic role in this transformation, first in the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ, second, politically, economically and in many other areas.
    • 1. The Lord said many troubles and diseases shall befall them that will defile medical science and solutions of men in the western world. You’ve heard of outbreak of diseases in Africa, starting from 2017, you will hear that there will be outbreak over there (we are not glad about it but this what the Lord said)
    • The reason why it will happen
    • For their hearts have shifted from me and they seek vanity. And then the Lord said when their troubles are multiplied, they shall seek me, the God of their fathers and I will have mercy upon them. Therefore, tell my people here, don’t follow their ways of perversion saith the Lord.
    • 1. There’s a major move of God’s spirit unto salvation and the knowledge of God (that’s – Jesus Christ) that will sweep many into God’s kingdom.
    • 2. There shall be a lot of Supernatural appearances multiplied unto them in the Arab world, of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
    • 3. The Lordship of Jesus and His Sonship will be revealed to them; you will see radical change happening, people getting born again and they come out and declare it in public – it will cause an uproar starting from 2017.
    • 4. The lost grounds to Islam shall be regained in the Arab world, only by My finger and I will cause My zeal to make it happen.
    • 5. God is going to be sending missionaries from all over the world and from Africa into the other parts of the world, and particularly the Arab World.
    • TO GLT
    • 1. The Lord is going to be giving us a lot of expansion in 2017.
    • 2. I heard God clearly, He said our foreign mission will prosper greatly.
    • 3. The Lord said, in 2017, be dissatisfied with just certificates, have skills that can solve problems. He said He is going to be empowering the church with skills, not only learned skills but skills given to us by the Holy Spirit. That means you will wake up and know how to do some things, but that’s not the only way, you have to learn some skills as well.
    • - When that Word came, I see in the Spirit believers forming consortium of professionals.
    • 4. GLT, get ready, it’s time to lend to many nations. Not only are we going to lend money and help to many nations, we are going to lend the gospel to them.
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