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Miracle Baby

A friend of mine had been married for 4 years without a child. His wife had had a miscarriage and one still birth. I was in church during a Sunday service when Pastor gave a word of knowledge to people believing God for the fruit of the womb. He also asked those who were standing in faith for friends or relatives that needed such miracles to come and shake his hands as a...

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Testimony Of A Changed Life

I joined GLT (God’s Love Tabernacle International Church) in 2011 and my life has changed for the better through the teaching of God’s word in this church. I used to be very unstable emotionally. I get angry so easily. I could hold a grudge for as long as the memory of the injustice done to me remains. But as I kept listening to God’s word in GLT, I began to learn...

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Facial Nerve Function Restored

I was involved in an auto accident last year after which I discovered that I could not move a part of my face. I was referred by the doctor to a physiotherapist but it did not help. I decided to believe God’s report in His word concerning my healing and restoration. Soon I realized that whenever I prayed in tongues I would feel twitch-like movements in that part of my...

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Healed of Hypotension and Hypersensitivity

I give glory to God through this testimony of healing. About 2 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with hypotension and hypersensitivity. My blood pressure was very low (60/50) and was characterized by constant head ache, dizziness, nausea, weakness, chest pain and skin irritation. During July’s Special Miracle Service, Pastor Segun preached on the subject of faith and faith...

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