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For seven years, my entire life was a misery. I had a long term discord with my parents and so there was no communication between us. Also, I had no job and my relationship with God was at point zero. I was only existing and things were just not working out, until I came to GLT. Miraculously, my life took a divine turn around. In this house, I rededicated my life to Jesus...

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I desired to attend a particular training and I was to pay a particular amount for the training. For a period of five month, I did not have the funds for the training. As a steward in the house of God, each time, I had to go to the agreement line to help assist others as Pastor ministered to them, I would whisper my desire to God as well. Supernaturally, after 5 months of...

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God’s word came through Pastor Segun Obadje that debts are cancelled supernaturally. At that time, my Mum had been owing some amount of money for about two months, so I received the word on her behalf. To the glory of God one week after, my mum told me that the debt was supernaturally paid by someone. God is indeed awesome. He alone does great wonders. Damilola...

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During GLT’s Examination Prayer Meeting for students last semester, Pastor declared that by the grace of God, the least we would have in our exams will be ‘A’s. It was prophetic because this has been my experience. All my results for last semester have been released except one and in all the ones I have seen, I have ‘A’ grades. Indeed God is...

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How Faith Works

If you know what faith is and why you need to walk in faith without knowing how to make it work, then it won’t be beneficial to you. There are keys in the operation of faith. There are ways you can put faith to work. Learn these from this message and enjoy the results of faith in your life.

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