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Living in Honour

The meaning and gravity of the word honour is fast eroding in our contemporary age. Many are wallowing ignorantly in shame and dishonour because they have sacrificed honour for passing temporary mundane fleshly gratifications. Many do not know the difference between glory and glamour. There are so many who seek popularity at the cost of their conscience. Some have even...

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Love Walk; Our Quest

Faith, hope and love these three abide now and forever but the greatest of them is love. It is the more excellent way. To make life fulfilling and meaningful we should make love our motive and quest.

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Our Noble Ministry

Every Christian has a purpose he/she is created to fulfill in this life. This purpose is personal and is revealed to each person but every individual purpose is a subset of a general ministry, life assignment, purpose of the general body of Christ which is to reach the whole world with the gospel of our Lord. learn from this message about this noble ministry and how you...

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Oneness with God

It is not blasphemy, we are one with God, in power, wisdom and love. We did not earn it, it was given to us by God himself, He shared his life with us. Learn more about our oneness with the Godhead.

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Repentance from dead works

Repentance is a turn around from something to another. It is not synonymous to sorrow. Dead works are works or deeds of the un-recreated man. As new creatures, to enjoy life and live the new life, we must repent from the works or deeds of the un-recreated man, deeds of doubt, deeds of the flesh. Learn how to repent from dead works without condemning yourself from this...

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