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God’s Big Dream

Everybody has a dream in his or her life. Same as God. He has a dream, a dream he longs to be fulfilled. His dream is that all come to repentance and come to the knowledge of the son of God so we live life to the fullest. Howbeit, his dream cannot be fulfilled without the believers to carry it out. Learn from this message how to key in and fulfill your part in this big...

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The Blessedness of Righteousness

A righteous man is blessed with that same blessing of Abraham. Blessed to be a blessing and in him shall all the nations of the earth be blessed. This blessedness is not earned or worked for. it came as a gift on the wings of righteousness. Learn more about this blessedness and how to work it out.

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Believe in God’s Love

God is able to do all things and he is willing to do all things. But to see God move in our lives, we have to believe in God’s love for us and his willingness to bless us. God loves us passionately and with an everlasting love!

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Using the Name of Jesus correctly

For the believer, the Name of Jesus is the tool to get things done, and there’s a way to use the Name to get the God-kind of results. This message reveals the power in the Name of Jesus and teaches how to use the Name to get things done.

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The Ministry of Angels 2

Angels are supernatural beings that are awesome in strength and in manifestations. They are innumerable in number. In all their strength, they are created to minister for the saints. Learn from this message, how to recognise and take advantage of the ministry of angels.

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