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Rivers of Living Water

The wisdom of God is key to our daily living, it does not just teach you what to do,  it also teaches you how, when and where to do it. In this message, you will learn how to activate God’s wisdom to live an extra-ordinary life.

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Have a love approach to every area of your life. There’s a way to radiate God’s love seeing the best in the people around you.

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Law of Relationship

For us, love is not reciprocal, we love others as Christ loves us. Pastor Segun teaches love towards your partner and with people around you.

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Understanding your Authority

Do you know we possess God’s nature and we are his representatives here on earth? It’s time to take charge and stay in charge!!!.

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I’m a King

Man is not just a member of the kingdom of God but also a son of the kingdom. In this message, you will not only know who you are but also what you have.

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