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The Leverage Devotional

The Leverage is a Daily Devotional Guide geared towards giving you the advantage in life. It is God’s Word packaged in rhema capsules to give your day the necessary boost for fulfillment. Many Believers start their day with their hands off of the lever of God’s Word. This is a deviation from the normal. We ought to begin our day with what God began with...

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Worship with Us

Services Pastorate Address GLT Ife 1 Venue, 2 Services (12SV) on Sundays:      1st Service: 7:45am  ;  2nd Service: 10:00am Special Miracle Service (SMS): 8:00am (A Combined Service on the 1st Sunday of Every Month) Intercessory Prayer Meetings:   6.00pm on Mondays Bible...

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Prosperity in Seeds

Prosperity is locked up in the Power of a Seed.

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