What We Believe

We are called to preach and teach with all simplicity and clarity New Creation Realities in Christ Jesus, stressing emphatically the integrity of God’s Word

NEW CREATION REALITIES Christ died to redeem all men from Sin and all of its consequences. In exchange, He gave a new life to us; we became NEW CREATIONS with the same quality of life as our creator- God!. With this newness of life come a NEW IDENTITY, an AWESOME INHERITANCE, a LIVELY HOPE and AMAZING POSSIBILITIES made available to us by Christ Jesus. Having received this new life, we can renew our mindset to its realities and begin to live in the awareness of the blessings of the new creations. Our inheritance includes- Righteousness, Redemption, Zoe – the God Kind of Life, Faith, The Fatherhood of God, The Sonship of the Believer, The Indwelling and the Infilling of the Holy Spirit, The Love Nature and the Love Walk of Believers, Grace and its Understanding, The Blessing of Abraham.

These are the realities of the New Man in Christ; who he is, what he has: his rights, his privileges and his possibilities. Here are some of the New Creation Realities

  • Righteousness
  • Redemption
  • Zoe – the God Kind of Life
  • Faith
  • The Fatherhood of God
  • The Sonship of the Believer
  • The Indwelling and the Infilling of the Holy Spirit
  • The Love Nature and the Love Walk of Believers
  • Soul Winning
  • Grace and its Understanding
  • The Blessing of Abraham

THE INTEGRITY OF GOD’S WORD This means God and His word are one. Whenever God speaks, he speaks himself. He cannot fail; therefore His word cannot fail. You can depend on His word just as you can depend on Him – Heb 4:12-13; Num 23:19; Heb 6:18; Titus 1:2; John 1:1-3; 10:35

  • God’s word is absolute truth; it cannot be bent; it has never been bent; and will never be bent – John 10:35; Num 23:19
  • The word is absolute light and truth. It is not relative at all – John 1:1 &14; Titus 1:2
  • Whatever God says has been, and is and will be, because He is the substance and evidence of whatever he says. Seeing He is eternal His word is also eternal – Rom 4:17-18
  • His eternal character of truthfulness, righteousness and holiness is our confidence that His word cannot fail or fall to the ground -1 John 1:5; Ps 92:15; 89:14

Our Mission (click to open)

… raising Kingdom Ambassadors, Manifesting Abundant Zoe … – Gal 4:19. A Kingdom Ambassador

  • Understands who he is
  • Understands what he carries
  • Understands the Power back of him
  • Truly represents the Kingdom of God

Manifesting Abundant Zoe Manifesting the fullness and roundedness of the God-Kind of Life in every sphere of life.