Blessed In The Work Place

I am a banker and we work with very strict targets if you are familiar with banking operations. By ending of December 2011 my performance was quite good, I had the highest grade in performance but suddenly my target was doubled and it became very challenging and rather overwhelming to meet. At the early Morning Prayer meeting which hold on 1st day of every month, Pastor declared that the new month would be a month of the revelation of God’s glory to us; he declared that we would be blessed with favour and grace. I received that word for myself and my work target so I raised my hand and I declared that I have my target in Jesus name. Some days later, 2 bank accounts deals came my way and getting those two deals was what I needed to make my target. The Thursday of the following week those two major accounts opened through me and my target was met, and my premium performance criteria doubled. I bless God for this miracle.

Olatunde. T