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How It Started

October 2005, the Lord spoke expressly to Segun and Funke Obadje who were in Abuja to leave the Federal Capital and start a work for Him in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. On the 11th of November 2005, in obedience, the couple left Abuja to Ile-Ife. The mandate God had given to them was to preach and teach with all simplicity and clarity the New Creation Realities...

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2018 – Our Year of Abundant Prosperity

PROPHETIC WORDS FOR THE WORLD: Pray against flood, natural disasters, and earthquakes in unlikely places. 2. The wind of change will blow. Governments of the world will begin to experience major shifts, structural arrangements and re-arrangement to accommodate 2 things -The emergence of the anti-Christ particularly in Europe and America and the effect will trickle down...

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Finest Worship – Jehovah Jireh

Finest Worship is an annual event of God’s Love Tabernacle International church. This event started in response to an Instruction from God to the Set man of the House Pastor ‘Segun Obadje; to gather men and women from all over the world to worship Him on a very uncommon platform. A platform where men and women gather to minister unto the Lord without being in a haste...

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Pastor Segun Obadje’s Books

Pastor Segun Obadje’s Books Available on...

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