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Healed of Peptic Ulcer

I had suffered from peptic ulcer for about 5 years. Since I made the unpleasant discovery 5 years ago I had since suffered severe pains in my stomach especially when I delayed eating breakfast. I saw a doctor who placed me on medication to ease the pain and cure the ulcer with time. I had managed the condition with the medication. In the last few days of the month of June...

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Declining Eye Sight Fully Restored

I had difficulty with my eyesight for 36 years; it started with decline in visibility of objects that are far away, I also had difficulty in reading. I managed the condition with the use of medicated glasses for the past years. During the fifth anniversary of GLT in the month of march 2012, Pastor Segun walked up to me and said I should start thanking God for restoration...

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Dad Healed Of Diabetes

My dad was diagnosed of diabetes by his doctor; he was told his blood sugar could not return to normal and that he would have to manage the illness. Pastor Funke said at the close of the Sunday service that if anyone in the congregation wanted an instant miracle we should come out and have a hand shake with her and we did, I could not find time to call him that week so I...

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Blessed In The Work Place

I am a banker and we work with very strict targets if you are familiar with banking operations. By ending of December 2011 my performance was quite good, I had the highest grade in performance but suddenly my target was doubled and it became very challenging and rather overwhelming to meet. At the early Morning Prayer meeting which hold on 1st day of every month, Pastor...

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Healed Of Constant Back Pain

A constant and persistent pain had tormented my back for the past 12 months. I did not enjoy myself all that period; I could not bend my back without pain and discomfort. I checked with doctors who examined my back and said they could not find anything physically wrong in my back, yet the pain was constantly there. But thank God I was at the July (2012) Special Miracle...

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God’s Abounding Grace

During the Great Grace Conference, Pastor Ose, (Pastor Segun’s spiritual father) was ministering in one of the evening sessions, he was speaking on God’s abounding grace, during the message he gave a word of knowledge about someone whose course work exam results had been missing and that applied to me. He then said that the issue of the missing results would be...

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