Confirmation Of The Word For The Month

My project supervisor rejected my school project after I had completed it, even though she already approved 3 chapters. I was told to start afresh from the beginning. This didn’t come as exciting news because it meant a lot of work had to be done again, and I kept wondering why the whole work was rejected after I had 3 chapters approved by the same person. Not only that, she suddenly became hostile and difficult to approach for help. Every first day of the month, we have early Morning Prayer meeting which ushers us prophetically into the month. it was the month of June 2012 and the word declared was “our month of favour”. I kept confessing that word concerning my project work and miraculously my supervisor’s attitude towards me changed completely, she started being a blessing to me and gave me all the assistance I needed for my project work. I bless God because I am a graduate now because of the favour of God I enjoyed according to the word of the Lord He gave GLT for the month of June- FAVOUR!

Adeoye. W