Declining Eye Sight Fully Restored

I had difficulty with my eyesight for 36 years; it started with decline in visibility of objects that are far away, I also had difficulty in reading. I managed the condition with the use of medicated glasses for the past years. During the fifth anniversary of GLT in the month of march 2012, Pastor Segun walked up to me and said I should start thanking God for restoration in my eye sight so in obedience of faith I began to thank God for the healing of my eyes and for perfect sight. I continued to thank God that way for the following four (4) months. During the July Special Miracle Service, Pastor taught on faith, after the message I decided to read a portion of the scriptures from my bible and discovered I could read my bible which is in really small print and I could not read unaided before then. My eyesight that had declined in visibility since 36 years ago has been restored. I now have good vision and read unaided. God to glory!

Babalola. O