Facial Nerve Function Restored

I was involved in an auto accident last year after which I discovered that I could not move a part of my face. I was referred by the doctor to a physiotherapist but it did not help. I decided to believe God’s report in His word concerning my healing and restoration. Soon I realized that whenever I prayed in tongues I would feel twitch-like movements in that part of my face, and I recalled that the scriptures says “if the Spirit of God who raised Christ from the dead dwells in us, that same Spirit will give life to our mortal body (Rom 8: 11). I believed the word, so I kept on speaking in tongues with that awareness. I can now move that part of my face without any difficulty whatsoever.  The nerve has been supernaturally replaced and I don’t feel pains on that spot anymore. Hallelujah to Jesus!

Oludare.  T