Over the past ten years, God’s Love Tabernacle International Church has experienced the faithfulness of God in unquantifiable measures and that’s what we are celebrating at GGC 2017. GLT @ 10!!! Glory to God. In March 2017, men will gather from different parts of the world from all our extensions and beyond at Great Grace Conference (GGC), which is one of our Prophetic seasons in GLT, as well as our annual celebration of God’s faithfulness.


Online Registration ended some hours ago. You can still be a part of Great Grace Conference as there would be On-site registration at the venue.

How To Gain Access To The Auditorium

Bring your tickets (Printed or Downloaded) to every session as they would be required before you can enter into the auditorium. Note: Seat reservation expires 45 minutes into each session.


You can be a part GGC from anywhere in the world. Livestream starts by 3:40pm (GMT+1)

Programme Schedule

Friday: Seminars: Business and Career (7am - 11pm) Word Ministration (Pastor Poju Oyemade) (1pm - 3pm) Word Ministration (Pastor Poju Oyemade) (4:30pm - 8pm)


Word Ministration (Bishop Francis Wale Oke) (8am - 12pm) Word Ministration (Bishop Francis Wale Oke) (4:30pm - 7:30pm)


Single Mega GGC Thanksgiving, Communion and Closing Ceremony (8am)

Welcome to your next level! Welcome to your desired change as you experience the fullness of God at GGC 2017!