Healed of Peptic Ulcer

I had suffered from peptic ulcer for about 5 years. Since I made the unpleasant discovery 5 years ago I had since suffered severe pains in my stomach especially when I delayed eating breakfast. I saw a doctor who placed me on medication to ease the pain and cure the ulcer with time. I had managed the condition with the medication. In the last few days of the month of June 2012, I had terrible attacks of severe abdominal pain from the ulcer, I used my drugs but they did not help rather the pain grew worse so I visited the hospital for treatment. During July 2012 Special Miracle Service Pastor Segun Obadje asked everyone who had peptic ulcers to place their hands on their stomach and I did. Since then I have not had any episode of ulcer symptoms, I don’t feel the pain anymore. I pressed my stomach hard enough to examine if the pain was still there but I could not find it. I am grateful to God for healing me of peptic ulcer and ending episodes of years of agony. Praise the Lord with me!
Adeleke. H