2018 – Our Year of Abundant Prosperity


  1. Pray against flood, natural disasters, and earthquakes in unlikely places.
  2. 2. The wind of change will blow. Governments of the world will begin to experience major shifts, structural arrangements and re-arrangement to accommodate 2 things

-The emergence of the anti-Christ particularly in Europe and America and the effect will trickle down to the other parts of the world.

-To accommodate the glorious emergence of the Church. Isaiah 60:1.

  1. Beginning from 2018, there will be new ways of transacting businesses. Value will begin to change from what is commonly known and believed as value.

*Be open to new ways of making money as there will be contemporary non-conventional opportunities.

  1. The value chain in the agricultural sector will be more profitable.

*Learn to position yourself strategically and maximize income.

  1. More governments of the world will legalize immoral acts, for the demons of lust are let loose en-mass.

*Christians must be careful we don’t yield to the temptation of lust. Flee every appearance of evil online and offline.

  1. Increased activities of angels and we will better understand their ministry through prayers and as we continue in prayers.
  2. The hatred, animosity and attack of the world will intensify against Israel in 2018. It will be verbalized and vented actively. The fury of hell is poured out through heathen nations to Israel. As a believer, never go against Israel.
  3. Worldly economic principles will begin to fail which is one of the signs of the end time, but those who trust in the Lord will prosper.



  1. Persecutions against men of God with unique callings to stand as pillars will increase, but God will shield them from the tongue of mischief.
  2. The Church of Jesus Christ will grow in leaps and bounds and prosper in the midst of persecution.
  3. God will be sending out labourers, a lot of labourers into his harvest. Luke 10:1-2.
  4. The Lord commanded that we pray against bloodshed as a result of religious violence and bomb blast in unlikely places.
  5. There will be great and instant rewards for those who give to the preaching of the gospel, who give theirs and themselves.
  6. The wave of error/heresies is quenched by a stronger wave of the preaching of the truth of God’s Word and those who associate themselves with error will implode.



  1. Nigeria will begin to prosper again for the wind of change is blowing again. God said ‘I have heard the cries and prayers of my children over Nigeria’.

*In view of this prophecy, therefore God’s children MUST be strategically positioned to take the lion’s share.

How to take it:

  1. Professionalism: Be very professional. Put structure to what you do. Get knowledge.
  2. Politics: Christians must not run away from politics, we have a place in politics, governance.
  3. Business: Be global in your thinking. Whatever you are doing, ensure there is global relevance.
  4. Partnership:
  5. Pastoral Government:


  1. Pray for a smooth political transition, and for the mouth of lions to be stopped.
  2. Pray against the enemy’s strategy to hijack the Government of Nigeria.
  3. There will be men and women who will steal using diabolical means, they will hypnotize people.

*Be sensitive. If a stranger is saying something to you and your spirit is reacting, stop the conversation and leave. Remember, the principle of influence is contact.



  1. The Barren are made fruitful. (Biological children, brain children, businesses). At least 1000 babies!
  2. There will be strategic well paying jobs. At least 1,000!
    3. Strategic businesses, enterprises, corporations. At least 1000!
  3. At least 1,000 weddings!
  4. At least 1,000 houses!
  5. To you, it is 10-1. 10 years of achievement will be compressed and given to you in one year.
  6. God said “If you will not keep quiet about shouting my praise, i will not stop blessing you. I love it when you play and dance before me.”


At the word of the Lord: 2018 is Our Year of Abundant Prosperity (Psalms 1:1-6; Joshua 1:8; Psalms 67:5-7).