Testimony Of A Changed Life

I joined GLT (God’s Love Tabernacle International Church) in 2011 and my life has changed for the better through the teaching of God’s word in this church. I used to be very unstable emotionally. I get angry so easily. I could hold a grudge for as long as the memory of the injustice done to me remains. But as I kept listening to God’s word in GLT, I began to learn about the love of God in my heart as a believer (Rom 5:5) and the power of forgiveness. All of these teachings have transformed my life and healed my emotions. I am no longer the angry person I used to be, I now forgive easily and freely and I no longer hold grudges or keep malice. I also noticed that I have experienced healings in my body during this learning period. All my allergies are gone. Also everyone that I have introduced to the message of faith and love preached in GLT, have the same testimonies. Glory to God! The Word works!